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The most important aspects of well functioning open fireplaces are the combustion air, the flue and the heat transfer. The fresh air ventilation system that Boley applies withdraws little air from the room. The heat transfer comes in the form of convection and a radiation system. It is important, in order to achieve optimal combustion of wood, to obtain a high burning temperature. The cast-iron panels in the back wall provide an improved heat resistant quality whilst creating high radiant heat return.In recent years more and more fireplaces are being fitted with gas log burners. Boley has developed a revolutionary electronically secured gas burner. By applying a protected non-fumereturn system, Boley open fireplaces can also be placed in mechanically ventilated environments. With an installation certificate, this system has been also certified for public places andgovernment buildings. Not only is the flame pattern of the Boley gas burner very natural and extremely realistic, the heat output is high whilst maintaining a very clean combustion.

Boley remote control

Boley remote control. The open fireplaces of Boley are equipped with a remote control. It is a design element, which is carved out of a solid piece of aluminium. It has a child safety lock and it can ignite and regulate the flames. The unit can be connected to every smart-home control system.

Radiant heat from cast iron panels

Nearly all Boley open fireplaces integrate cast iron panelling. The uniquely designed cast iron panels not only ensure the extra refractory quality of the back wall of the fireplace but with its curved surface construction and innate material qualities, they also ensure that there is a high radiant, heat transfer back into the room.

External combustion air supply

All open fireplaces, freestanding or built-in, must be equipped with an external combustion air supply. Because the withdrawal of air is about 180m3 per hour, it is essential that there is a fresh air inlet to replace this lost air. With a Boley fireplace the fresh air supply can be shut off when the fire is not in use. In the case of a gas fire it is even electronically secured.

Convection air into the living space

In order to optimize the efficiency of the open fireplaces, Boley has developed a unique double-layered convection system. The cold air flows inside and around the open fireplace and is heated up by the fire and metal panels. The heated air flows and circulates upwards to the top of the fireplace and is returned to the room by vents or hidden air gaps. This produces a continuous circulation of heat that distributes the warmth evenly throughout the room.

Boley open fireplaces

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