so close to the flames you could touch them


Open or closed combustion? Lift door fireplaces give you the possibility to enjoy both. Enjoy the full experience of a real fireplace. You are so close to the fire that you could actually touch it.

The window has no metal frame around the glass, this way you are able to see the whole fire and nothing else. Open or closed. The glass stays clean for a long time because of a special air flow system in front of the panel. It is easy to rinse. The afterburner system inside the fireplace contributes to an extremely high efficiency.

Wood, the logical choice

Wood is a logical choice for energy consumption. It has many advantages, not in the least as carbon storage. Wood is a natural material which stores CO2 for a long time, CO2 that the tree collects during it’s life.

Forests contribute to a decline of the CO2 level. Wood from forests that are managed in a sustainable manner is therefor the perfect source of renewed energy.

Liftdeur haarden Boley
Liftdeur haarden Boley

Use good quality wood

The quality of the wood you are using is very important for optimal usage of the fireplace itself. Good wood is dry, has stored for at least two year in a dry ventilated shelter. Good exsiccation of the wood is very important and contributes to a better working lift door fireplace.

Moist wood provides less heat and results in accumulation of soot inside the lift door fireplace and chimney. The water inside the wood absorbs a tremendous amount of energy during the combustion. Wood with a lot of moist (50% or more) is boiling instead of burning and is therefore losing caloric heath.

Cleaning the glass window

To keep a good view on the fire it’s important to keep the glass clear and clean. These lift door fireplaces  are equipped with a special air transportation unit that creates an airflow between the glass and the flames. This way there will be less soot deposit onto the glass.

If you want to clean the glass at a certain moment, than this is easy to do. The lift door fireplaces are designed in a way that the glass can be tilted or pulled outside. This way the cleaning can be done quick and easy.

Boley lift door fireplaces

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