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Open fireplaces

Fireplaces with an open combustion. Our fireplaces can be made for wood, gas, ethanol or even electric fire. The combustion takes plays in an open environment, this way the fire experience couldn’t be better and more pleasant.

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Closed combustion fireplaces

Within the Boley collection there is an extensive range of gas fires with a closed combustion system. The basic models are a starting point for a variety of bespoke, decorative surrounds that can be added. These fireplaces carry the eco-green plus logo, with an efficiency up to 87%

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Liftdeur haarden Boley

Lift door fireplaces

Open or closed combustion? Enjoy the experience of a real authentic fireplace. The flames are so close you can almost touch them. The glass doesn’t has an metal strip around it so the view on the fire couldn’t be more clear. The glass will stay clean for a long time and is easy to clean. The unique airflow system and smoke regulator plates makes these fireplaces very efficient.

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Outdoor fireplaces

A wood or a gas fire in an outdoor space provides both practical and emotional warmth for every season. The wood burning fireplaces can be equipped with a BBQ grill and a fireguard for added functionality.

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Boley makes custom designed fireplaces

Let our designs inspire you and choose which one suits you best.